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Tanks and Teamwork

Our brewhouse, tanks, and canning line have arrived.

Taproom finishes have begun.

The remaining brewery installs are underway.

The updates are extensive but the pictures speak for themselves.


Equipment Delivery

Our team unloaded, installed and leveled all of the brewhouse equipment. All hands are on deck as the steam, glycol, and HVAC systems are installed.


Taproom Finishes

Our stripped-down post office building has bloomed into a special taproom space with plenty of natural light and unique designs. We can't wait to share our beers with you here.


Brewhouse Systems

We've got custom brewery floors and drains. The Bloxdorf team is pouring new sidewalks along Freeport Road. This brewery will be operational as soon as the steam, glycol, and HVAC systems are finished.


Thank you for the continued support. Take care of each other.

We will see you all soon.

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