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Old Thunder Brewing Company: Year Two

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Second verse, same as the reverse.

We celebrate our second anniversary and reflect on 2022:

Second Anniversary Beers

2FK - 8.2% abv

This Double IPA version of False Kingdom is hopped with a blend of our favorite varieties from the Pacific Northwest, and it expresses amplified notes of citrus, mango, and pineapple. 2FK is available in the taproom on draft and in 4-packs to-go, for a limited time. Artwork by Rich Kelly

Fantasy Future - 8% abv

Double IPA hopped with a blend of Riwaka and Citra. Expect fanciful notes of tangerine and tropical fruits. Fantasy Future is available in the taproom on draft and in 4-packs to-go, for a limited time. Artwork by Rich Kelly

Midnight Rain - 10% abv

An Imperial Stout aged in Weller, Blanton's, Makers Mark, and Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels for 16 months. Expect the deepest notes of chocolate fudge, marshmallow, caramel pralines, and damn fine whiskey. Midnight Rain is available in the taproom on draft and in 750mL bottles to-go, for a limited time. Artwork by Rich Kelly

Time out of Time - 10% abv

An English-style Barleywine aged in Old Fitzgerald, Wild Turkey, and Buzzards Roost Whiskey barrels for 1 year. Expect rich notes of English toffee, toasted almonds, Luxardo cherries, and fine old whiskey. Time out of Time is available in the taproom on draft and in 750mL bottles to-go, for a limited time. Artwork by Nick Ackman

Production Recap

In 2022, we brewed 60 unique beers that were packaged into 98,000 cans, 1,700 bottles, and 925 kegs. We brewed new batches of strong beers and filled some very nice Bourbon and Whiskey barrels. We acquired a new open-top square fermentor (from our friends at Berwick Brewing) and used it for a new mixed-fermentation Saison, which is now conditioning in wine barrels. We also added two additional tanks to the cellar, in order to increase lager production (7 new lager styles and multiple batches of our house Munich Helles - 340).

We also worked with some of our best friends to create special collaborative beers:

Dancing Gnome - Freeport & Main (American IPA)

Livefromthecity - Can I get a Witness? (Golden Ale)

Golden Age - Foam Valley (Modern Pilsner)

The Team

2022 was our first full year of taproom service, and the Old Thunder crew really took care of business. We couldn't be more proud and thankful to have these hard-working individuals here everyday. They each bring their own energy and ideas to the brewery, and they provide the best taproom and guest experiences. Thank you Nicole (OT photographer/designer), Aubrey (resident horticulturist), Ethan (OT taproom manager and packaging crew), Maxwell (taproom and packaging crew), Natasha (park ranger in training), Cameron (PH dawg), and Jackworth (Ginger beer guru), with a special shoutout to Joe Smo and Jons for all of their help over the years.

Events + Food + Distribution

Over the past year, we continued to create and host lager-focused events, including: A Celebration of Pennsylvania Lager, Pilsburgh, and Bloxtoberfest. These events allow us to invite fellow brewers to the brewery to share ideas and experiences, while showcasing some fantastic beers with the guests in our taproom. Stay tuned for more of these events in 2023!

And we can't forget about the excellent taproom pop-ups this year from: Farmer x Baker, Vuture Foods, Alabaster Coffee, Emilichka, and the Taco Boys.

Last year, we took ownership of a new delivery vehicle in order to streamline our self-distribution around the City. We work very hard with the best retail and wholesale partners to get cold/fresh beer into their shops, where it is stored cold and served through clean draft lines. Be on the lookout for a full list of the places where you can find and enjoy Old Thunder beer.

Thank You

So that's a wrap on 2022; one heck of a year.

We want to thank our families, friends, fellow brewers, neighbors, the Blawnox Borough, taproom regulars, artists, designers, and everyone else who has helped us over the past two years. Thank you all very much, and we hope to see you again soon,

-Josh, Rob, and Zach

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