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Back to Work

First and foremost, these are unprecedented and unsettling times, and the entire Old Thunder team wishes you and your families all the best. Continue to take care of each other and we will see you when the dust settles.


After a two month shutdown, our construction team is back to work.

This week at 340 Freeport, the Bloxdorf Crew is busy installing new windows, acoustic ceiling panels, the cold room, and finishing the plumbing work in our taproom. At the same time, Brett and his team are pouring reinforced concrete blocks atop the foundation of the new brewery building. Next, they will be putting up walls and pouring the brewhouse/cellar floors.


The stay-at-home orders have provided us with additional time to work on can labels, glassware designs, photography, editing, and recipe development. That being said, we are excited to get back to the heavy lifting.

We will be spending our nights and weekends in Blawnox assisting our construction team until the job is done. Along the way, we will do our best to send you updates and silly pictures.


A quick note about our little brewing company:

When we created Old Thunder, we were influenced by our three different journeys and the force that was generated when those paths united. Our name draws inspiration from stories and characters, music, old recipes and past lives.

The day we moved into 340 Freeport Road, we found a dusty old sledgehammer behind a stack of books in the basement closet and it became a symbol for the thing we were trying to build (we named this hammer Old Thunder, and we later named its counterpart, a crowbar, Old Lightning).


We’ve worked long and hard to assemble our vision of a brewery, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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Joshua Schlea
Joshua Schlea
May 20, 2020

Great news! Glad the shutdown has been lifted! We are very excited for your local business to open up! Will you guys be having a soft open or fundraiser in the near future. Would love to contribute.

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